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Free PHP/MySQL Email List App

by: Ben Drushell
December 14, 2000

Ciao EmailList Manager

Since early November 2000, Ciao EmailList Manager (in PHP/MySQL) has been available for FREE public download at:
The program is a FREE PHP/MySQL OPT-IN mass e-mail application that offers features more advanced than many (paid) commercial programs of its type. This FREE program is intended to assist in the sending of updates/ notifications/ newsletters/ etc. via the web. A single message can be e-mailed to a large number of addresses. Each recipient has no way of knowing who else is on the mailing list.

Some of the features include:
easy to install
customizing features
registry form for your site
(Skin-like) highly customizable public sign-up interface
supports many categories
supports optional/required subscriber data
creates custom lists based on categories and subscriber data
list viewer in printer friendly format
216 web-safe color chart
list import
message composer and sender
opt-in sign-up verification
optional administrator notification
supports multiple administrators with full or limited access
supports multiple site usage
supports multiple server usage
save and edit messages/templates
list editing
optional message test send
includes security features
e-mail address/domain/IP blocker
administrator/subscriber friendly
plus many other features

Hope you find this tool useful.
Coded contributions are welcome. Ciao EmailList Manager is provided as FREE OpenSource under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Ben Drushell

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Ben Drushell



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