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PHAkt and NeXTesnio MX generation from InterAKT

by: Cristian Dorobantescu
August 9, 2002

The new MX generation includes "PHAkt 2 MX" the final version (2.0.60) and NeXTensio MX (PHP,ASP and Both - 1.5.1).

Together with the improved software release, the new kits include some other goodies: thorough tutorials and SQL files to get you started with our technology. You can check out the complete version of NeXtensio tutorial in our website articles section.

With this release, InterAKT has migrated all it's Ultradev products to Dreamweaver MX, and we are committing to the MX framework for our future products.

Find out more about PHAkt at
Find out more on NeXTensio at

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