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Interspire Release WebEdit Professional 4.0

by: James MacGregor
March 21, 2003

Download at:

Product Overview

WebEdit Professional is a browser-based web content management and website builder application with a complete online WYSIWYG HTML Editor that you can use to create, edit and update your entire website.

Completely Rebrandable, allowing Web Developers to offer a powerful, easy to use web content management system to their clients as their own solution.

What's New in v4.0

- Vastly improved editor. More features, auto update formatting, right click context menus and MORE!

- XHTML Output Support

- Added Copy Feature in File Manager and Image Manager. Users can now copy files of their choice.

- Improved hyperlinking and link manager.

- Instant Template Snapshot Previews. Users creating new files will see instant snapshot previews of the selected template.

- Added more templates for use by ANY user. These templates are royalty free and can be used on any site.

- Unbranded Printable User guide. Print and give this to your clients or use to follow the simple instructions. Specifically written for the non-technical user.

Further details available at:

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