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OpenTBS 1.7.0 Is Released

by: Skrol29
September 19, 2011

OpenTBS is a nice and friendly PHP solution for creating OpenOffice or MS Office documents using templates.

It is available at:

The last version 1.7.0 brings very nice new features and improvements that make merging OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Microsoft Office documents easier.

New features:
- new parameter "adjust" to adjust the size of merged images
- a new command to select the main part of the document for merging
- a new command to select a Sheet for merging (ods, xlsx)
- a new command to delete, hideor display Sheets (ods, xlsx),
- a new command to delete Comments
- a new command to delete specific XML elements

- a new debug mode with more information displayed
- improved examples
- based on a TbsZip version 2.10

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