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ActiveCampaign Releases KnowledgeBuilder 2.4

by: ActiveCampaign, Inc.
August 24, 2004

ActiveCampaign, Inc. is proud to announce that the highly anticipated release of KnowledgeBuilder 2.4 is now available.
We have responded to our clients needs with our most complete PHP knowledge base script to date. The new release gives the latest PHP knowledge base / FAQ solution a decided edge over our previous standard.
KnowledgeBuilder is a knowledge base/FAQ solution that provides everything needed to run an efficient 24/7 help desk. Imagine a warehouse of knowledge that allows information, whether technical or product related, to be added and passed on quickly and easily. Our dynamic user-friendly interface allows you to easily organize and manage your articles, while allowing visitors to help build upon what you have.
Highlight of New Features:
Ability to specify multiple categories for a single article.
New template system
Public user layout is not encrypted.
Templates include:
Revolved (NEW) User Management System
Enhanced admin user settings
Add Non Admin Users with restricted permissions
Public user settings
Ability to lock down entire KB
Allow public users to change their user settings
Article Approval System
Archive old articles
Ability to make categories invisible to the public view.
Comprehensive User Manual Find out more at Feature List -
Online Demo -
Order Page - Whether youre looking to reduce customer support by allowing access to answers or looking to improve your in house support; KnowledgeBuilder has an answer that is right for you.

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