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Run PHP scripts in GUI mode in Windows with ZZEE

by: Paul Slavic
June 4, 2007

ZZEE PHP GUI is an easy-to-install PHP solution for Windows. It sets up in seconds and works out-of-the-box.

Now you can develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. With the ZZEE PHP GUI, PHP scripts can become full-featured Windows programs. You also can use it to test your website scripts without uploading them first.

You don't need to call ZZEE PHP GUI directly - just click on a PHP file - and ZZEE PHP GUI will run the script in the webbrowser/webserver mode. PHP files or links to them don't have to reside in a special directory, they can be in any folder, on the desktop or in the Start Menu.

ZZEE PHP GUI comes with a built-in webserver, which doesn't use TCP/IP, a built-in webbrowser (Internet Explorer based) running with high permissions, which offers maximum possibilities and one of the latest versions of PHP, coming with the most popular modules. It also includes preconfigured SQLite and PHP bcompiler.

For more information, visit the ZZEE homepage at:

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