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PHP acceptance in the Enterprise

by: Cristian Dorobantescu
August 7, 2003

InterAKT Online is conducting an open survey on how PHP is used in the commercial world, trying to identify the current state of the market and to find the best way to promote PHP to large companies.

We think that only understanding how large companies conduct business we'll be able to introduce them to PHP - thus preventing competitive technologies close the doors for us.

If you have looked recently the PHP world, you might start to wonder "Why is everyone researching the market"? The answer is simple - we are in a pretty unknown market, that reacts after unknown rules and that is feeding us in a way or another. As Sun Tze said: "Know the other and know yourself, fight one hundred battles without danger". As the "yourself" part is covered already by the Zend survey:, we have designed ours with the goal of identifying "the other" from your eyes.

You can fill the survey here:

The results will go public on September the 1st on our website -

We can't offer any prizes for filling the survey except the actual results, but we hope that all PHP professionals are interested in understanding how PHP can be promoted in the enterprise.

Other interesting PHP Enterprise readiness links: - Sitepoint Advanced PHP Board -

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