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Zend launces a Small Business Program

by: Brad Young
January 13, 2003

Zend Gives Low-Cost Backing For> Small Businesses Growing With PHP

New Small Business Program Delivers Full Spectrum of Professional Tools to Provide Professional Advancement to Young Companies

Zend Technologies Ltd., the creator of the PHP scripting engine, and provider of solutions to Develop, Protect and Scale enterprise PHP applications, announces the availability of its new Small Business Program. The program is designed to provide start-ups, small ISVs and web-shops with all the professional tools that they need to grow their business. With a low onetime cost of $295, small businesses now have access to all the professional tools and channels needed to succeed.

The primary focus of the Small Business Program consists of a collection of products that cover all PHP needs:
- Zend Encoder: Intellectual Property Protection for PHP, to secure the core assets of any young company.
- Zend Studio: The most advanced development environment for PHP, for developing PHP applications quickly and bug-free.
- Zend Performance Suite : Acceleration of PHP-enabled sites, to help web-presence scale with increased traffic.

The entire cost of the program is a one-time fee of US$295, and is available to any company or organization with gross revenues of less than US$250,000. Studio licenses are perpetual. Encoder and Performance Suite licenses are valid for as long as the company remains within the revenue criteria of the program.

In addition to the entire collection of Zend products, the program will also provide marketing support, enabling the small companies with limited marketing budget and reach to contact a much wider audience of potential customers.

"Our company has great opportunities ahead, and we look to Zend to help us grow," said Tobias Briel, of Bentob IT Media, a German provider of full-service internet applications. "With Zend's Small Business Program, we have the tools we need at the price we need, which enables us to sell our products to a completely new market."

"Every day, I'm excited to see more and more companies that are building their businesses with PHP at the core," said Zeev Suraski, Co-Designer of PHP, and Co-Founder and CTO of Zend Technologies. "Having grown a business myself, I know how important it is to have access to professional strength tools. I feel proud that our Small Business Program will make a difference for these companies."

Pricing and Availability
Zend's Small Business Program is available immediately, with a lifetime fee of $295. An optional upgrade and support package is available for $155 annually, providing all product upgrades and unlimited customer support. Program registration is available directly from Zend's web site:

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