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PHPortal version 0.1.3 released!

by: Michael Glazer
February 4, 2002

Hi everybody!.

Its Mike from 4arrow.

I have just released alpha version 0.1.3 of PHPortal. ->Downloads /> Sourceforge project - Developers site

PHPortal is a PHP WDE for developers that is similar in scope to Zope ( but not in scale. PHPortal is basically a fun, fast, and organized way in which to build PHP applications through-the-web.

Search (find), and Email core libraries added. Table, search apps (products) added. In a future release you will have an option to use a local or remote help system (would require local download). XML-RPC awareness has is active in a very limited manner as of now.

A lot of management bug fixes. New methods for dynamic form creation. This allows for both template and html PHPortal Document types (used in Search App).

XPC-VAR - name="xxx" is any Object Uri variables. Object variables can also be used to apss arguments to other tags via the {xxxx} tags.
XPC-INC - includes Document for parsing or as pure text
XPC-EXP - call a method app lib function
XPC-APP - calls a app directly
XPC-MTH - calls a Object of type Method (placed inline Document type objects). Methods can be called via their URI object directly as well.

More to come including a universal members app for all PHPortal site and or apps including specifying domains, sub-domains, or sub-sub-domains.

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Michael Glazer



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