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Learn PHP by looking at real world solutions

by: Dilip Thomas
December 9, 2002


The Versatility of PHP 4 for large scale applications is highlighted in this book. The book uses a solutions approach in presenting many of the applications in demand by web developers today.It is replete with case studies showing PHPs use with output in HTML, XML nd WML. The PHP Programming techniques are presented in such a manner that readers will be able to extrapolate techniques from the case studies for use in their own applications.

If you have ever worked with PHP, and need to fill the "solutions" gap in your knowledge base, left behind by the multitude of theory-based PHP books in the market then you should own a copy of this book. The intent of the book is to extend the real world conversation started in those books, as well as offer solid web application design techniques and solutions using PHP, databases and mark-up languages.

What will you learn?

o Creating an Association Directory using XML markup and a MySQL Database

o Using PHP with MySQL and PEAR::DB to create a Web Forum

o Building a PDA/Wireless Store Directory application using PHP-Lib

o Creating a Job board using PHP, WML, MySQL and Smarty

o Using PHP, MySQL and Smarty to build a News service

o Creating a Web Corpus using simple PHP scripts

o Building a clasified Ads Board using PHP, MySQL and Smarty

o Building both a Simple and advanced Content Management System using PHP,MySQL and XML

o Creating a search Engine for dynamic sites using PHP, MySQL and PHP-Lib

o Building a complete three-tier, multi-client, wireless data warehousing application

o Building a Genealogy database system using PHP and MySQL

o Using the Postnuke CMS to build a robust site architecture

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