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WordPress 2.9 Beta 2 released

by: Scott Clark
December 7, 2009

A new updated Beta version of Wordpress 2.9 has been released. The popular blogging platform has been out for some time to great fanfare. It is perhaps the industry standard for blogging on line. WordPress is essentially a set of PHP scripts that are run on a web server. It allows greater control over one's blog contents while offering greater functionality.

WordPress requires a webserver to be installed on along with PHP and MYSQL. However, one can also sign up to use server space on a WordPress server. According to WordPress, some of the more powerful features include user reqistration, spam protection, non blog content controls, protected posts, and full compliance code. The new version of WordPress beta can be download from Freeeware The latest stable released version, 2.8.6, can be found on the WordPress site. hosts a great website with tutorials, forums, and links for all types of information on WordPress. Free but feature limited hosting service is available on For greater functionality a list is provided of recommended blog servers. There are also many books and online tutorials on WordPress.

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