PHPBuilder - Navicat (MySQL Client for Windows) version 6.0.7 is released.

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Navicat (MySQL Client for Windows) version 6.0.7 is released.

by: Ken Lin
July 16, 2004

PremiumSoft is committed to providing the best MySQL database management and development tool. With continuous effort on product enhancement, Navicat 2004 for Windows is proudly released.

More than 100 new features and improvements added, user can now import data from ODBC, create Batch Job Scheduling (schedule of Import/Export, Data Transfer and saved queries) and print table structure of their designed database. Furthermore, it now supports MySQL 5.0 Alpha (support stored procedure).

Navicat 2004 for Windows (ver. 6.0.7), supports SSH Tunnel.

SSH Tunnel Configuration -
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Navicat 2004 free trial version -
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Navicat 2004 product information
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Navicat 2004 FAQ
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