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Zend Studio 2.6 released

by: Michal Wachstock
February 14, 2003

Zend Improves Developer Productivity and Workgroup Programming With Zend Studio 2.6

Upgrade of Award Winning Integrated Development Environment Includes Version Management Support, Project Management Capabilities and Advanced Productivity Features

Ramat Gan, Israel, December 16, 2002- Zend Technologies Ltd., the designers of PHP and the leading provider of solutions to Develop, Protect and Scale enterprise PHP applications, today announced Zend Studio 2.6, a significant upgrade to their award winning development environment for PHP, the most popular scripting language for dynamic web sites. This latest release includes advanced productivity features for the solo developer and integrated workgroup capabilities for distributed development teams.

New capabilities of Zend Studio include:

- CVS Version Management Integration - Integrated with CVS, the de facto standard for version management, Zend Studio now transparently performs all CVS operations directly from within the Zend Development Environment, including check-in/check-out and differencing.
- Advanced project management capabilities - XML-based project resources allow easy management and sharing of large applications.
- Advanced usability features - Including cross-file searching and bookmark management, regular expression searching, window cloning, customizable shortcuts, conditional breakpoints, and deeper ftp integration.
- Tighter Windows integration - In addition to cross-platform availability on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Zend Studio also takes advantage of Windows-specific mouse-wheel and file-system features.
- Integration with Zend's full product family, including Zend's SafeGuard Suite and Encoder products for intellectual property protection, enabling direct encoding activation from within Zend Studio, and Studio debugging of erroneous scripts that Encoder identifies.
- Improved performance on all platforms
These new capabilities are added to Zend Studio's existing modules, including the revolutionary remote debugging and code completion engines.

Since its release, Zend Studio has become the standard for PHP development, due to its ability to save developers time and money, and deliver products to market faster. Thousands of companies and organizations have adopted Zend Studio for their mission-critical applications, including Lycos, Nortel, CMG, Niagara Mohawk, Siemens, McGraw-Hill, US Bureau of Land Management, Bauch&Lomb, Sim City, Ensim, Deutsche Telecom, Apple, and over 100 universities worldwide

"Lycos Europe's service offerings such as Lycos Signup and Lycos Tripod are fully written in PHP. We chose PHP because of it's reliability, superior run-time performance, efficient database access, native Apache integration and because it was very easy to learn and use," said Heiko Holzheuer, Chief System Architect at Lycos Europe. "By adopting the Zend Studio, we not only get the most out of the functionality, flexibility and scalability of PHP, we also get the support and backing of the #1 commercial name in the PHP market."

"PHP's fantastic success has been fueled by its productive coding and by remote devteams working together via CVS," said Zeev Suraski, co-designer and lead developer of PHP, and Co-Founder and CTO of Zend Technologies. "Zend Studio now amplifies these factors, by making PHP coding faster than ever, and tying teams together conveniently."

Pricing and Availability

Zend Studio 2.6 will be released in January 2003. Pricing will remain at $195 for Zend Studio, and $249 for Zend Studio Plus, which includes product support and upgrades. Zend currently offers a special offer of Zend Studio Plus for $195, guaranteeing all customers an immediate upgrade to 2.6 as soon as it is released.

About Zend Technologies Ltd.

Zend Technologies, a leading Web infrastructure software company, is the internationally recognized authority in PHP. The company provides a complete platform that enables the rapidly growing market of PHP-enabled enterprises to Develop, Protect and Scale their PHP applications. Zend's founders are the designers of PHP and the Zend Engine, on which all PHP sites and applications are run. The company is an active leader in the PHP and open source communities, and plays a central role in the explosive growth of PHP, which is now being used in over 7 million web sites worldwide. Founded in 1999, Zend Technologies is a privately held, venture-backed firm, with management, marketing and R&D headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel. Zend's products are available at, or by contacting a Zend representative at 1-877-ZEND-PHP or>
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