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PHPortal version 0.2.3 released!

by: Michael Glazer
August 9, 2002

PHPortal version 0.2.3 released!


Sourceforge project:

Developer\'s live/demo site:


1. Site user/role Management Versioning. Usefull to change many objects within the management and only commit their changes as a whole when you are ready. Changes made within a version are not apparent to end users outside of the management interface. 2. Global sites and site apps table (maybe even a user apps method) 3. First release of last builtin App, News. 4. Improve the PHPortal Application Builder Object Model and application tool.



Minor Bug Fixes:

1. Members App addition to allow a copy of existing templates as document objects. 2. Add form core class. Two types database and static, model (array) generated. 3. Fix Search Object to add a third generated template \'search results.\' 4. Add Application Builder to Control Panel

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