PHPBuilder - Webyog releases SQLyog 5 for MySQL 5

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Webyog releases SQLyog 5 for MySQL 5

by: ritesh nadhani
January 26, 2006

Webyog has recently released SQLyog 5 for MySQL 5. SQLyog is a compact, fast graphical tool for managing MySQL databases that can be located anywhere in the world. SQLyog is FREE for personal and commercial use. Apart from the usual db client-tool features like export, import, creating and dropping of objects, diagnostics and flush tools, multiple database connections etc., it includes a lot of additional features including HTTP/SSH Tunneling, Database Synchronization, Schema Synchronization, Notification Services, Migration Toolkit, Multithreaded query execution with options to stop long running queries. You can install and use SQLyog on an unlimited number of computers without any restrictions. SQLyog does NOT contain any ADWARE or SPYWARE. For more info, visit

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