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Easy Database Web Sites with dbQwikSite 3.0

by: TheDevShop Ltd
August 4, 2004

TheDevShop has just released dbQwikSite 3.0, a web site application generation program that creates data driven web sites by reading your databases.  Version 3.0 adds many new powerful features while preserving the programs trademark ease of use.

dbQwikSite starts by connecting to any data source on your PC. Creating a web site is a matter checking your desired page types, selecting data via a table or a query, and saving you pages.  The integrated visual query builder creates all the necessary SQL statements for you. You can save pages as either ASP or PHP giving you the choice to host on Windows or Linux servers. The design page preview shows your pages as you select design options, speeding the design process.  dbQwikSite allows you to live test your pages on your PC with a click of a button.  Once you are finished designing and testing, the publisher will help convert all your connection strings for your host environment and move your pages to your server.

Version 3.0 adds a host of new features.  Available page types that you can generate now include: Data pages for displaying lists and catalogs; Search page for filtering and locating data; Add, Edit and Delete pages enable on-line data management; More pages allow you to add a zoom function on any data page row; Detail pages display linked child records to any data row on your data page; E-Mail page allows you to merge data and visitor input into a e-mail form; the Login Page enables user level security in your site.  The all new E-commerce edition adds shopping cart and checkout pages. You can pick between dbQwikSites shopping cart or to integrate to PayPals shopping cart and on-line payment processing.  Other new features include: Enhanced Security adding two security models, multiple user levels, and table based user accounts; new control types include: file upload and date pickers.  Making dynamic pick lists has been simplified with automatic query generation.  Page wizards help speed page design.  A powerful new addition to the program is the New From Design Template option, allowing you to create a new site from one of many dbQwikStart business templates. The templates include preconfigured projects, graphics, and sample data bases.  Additional templates are available for download from dbQwikSites web site.

TheDevShop Ltd has beefed up user support and services.  A totally revamped web site backs this program release.  On the new web site you will find a searchable knowledgebase and issue tracking facility along with Searchable FAQs.  An all new live tutorial section, allowing you to view flash demonstrations of how to use various program features. dbQwikStart business templates are found on-line and are free to all licensed users.  A Design Factory offers professional services ranging from graphic design to database design for users who need a helping hand.

DbQwikSite's product line has two editions:  Pro and E-Commerce.  The editions are identical with the exception of shopping cart and checkout support, which is found only in the E-Commerce edition. A free download demo version allows you to test all the design features but will generate only data pages.  dbQwikSite runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.  Your generated web pages will operate on servers supporting ASP for windows servers or PHP (Windows or Linux servers) and can connect to virtually any database.  You can download the free demo from   DBQwikSite Pro Edition is available for 159 USD, while the E-Commerce Edition is 199 USD. 

dbQwikSite is produced by TheDevShop Ltd, 22/6 Emporium Tower, 622 Sukhumvit Rd. Bangkok 10110, Thailand. +66 (0)2 664-7252

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