PHPBuilder - Navicat PostgreSQL GUI for Windows Major ver. 8 released!

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Navicat PostgreSQL GUI for Windows Major ver. 8 released!

by: kevin
September 26, 2007

This is a new Major version which offers more than 100 improvements and some new powerful features such as Code Completion, Export report to PDF, Form view and more.

Download a trial at

Major new features:

1.Code Completion - Speedup your sql writing.
2.Form View - Input record via form view.
3.New Profile System - Open profile on your desktop directly.
4.Virtual Grouping - Provides better categorization for objects.
5.Report Export - Export report to pdf, html and more.
6.E-mail Notification - Send notification e-mail for schedule task.

See full release notes at

Navicat PostgreSQL GUI features an intuitive interface and provides a set of useful tool to import/ export, backup/ restore data, Synchronize database, Reporting and connect to remote PostgreSQL server, etc.

Besides the above new features, here is the primary features of Navicat:

- Visual Query Builder
- SSH and HTTP Tunnel for remote database connection
- Database transfer from server to server
- Data and Structure Synchronization
- Data backup and restore
- Import/ Export of most popular data formats to and from PostgreSQL
- Tasks Scheduling and Easy-to-use wizards tool

Navicat is available for Mac OS X:

To download Navicat for MySQL, please visit:

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