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phpYellow Pro Edition 3.48 released by Globalissa

by: Tech Team
June 10, 2003

phpYellow Pro Edition 3.48 is now available online. The software lets you easily create your own online directory. The included 'Install Helper' makes it easy to install. The paid listings feature has good recurring revenue potential.


Demo site

Add a free listing to the demo site:

Login to upgrade your demo listing free. Use the Test payment method.

Official phpYellow Website

Visit the official phpYellow website to see customer sites or read customer comments:

Developer Guide

Take a look at the phpYellow Developer Guide for tips, tricks and techniques:

Customer Comments

Hi, I purchased and installed phpyellow on my portal. It was easy to install and fast to set up. Feedback from users suggest they find it professional and easy to use. Well done guys!
John T.


*phpYellowTM is a Globalissa software product

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