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JomiTech releases PHP grid component, PlatinumGrid

by: Jonathan Benedicto
February 25, 2009

JomiTech recently announced the release of PlatinumGrid, a flexible PHP grid control that provides PHP developers with a grid capable of handling any application's requirements.

PlatinumGrid combines flexibility with ease of use. Features include Ajax support, master-detail integration and export capabilities. With an abstracted database access interface, PlatinumGrid is capable of interfacing with any relational database.

Some of the grid's key features are:
- Complete Ajax integration
- Unlimited database connectivity
- Multiple column types, supporting any data format that must be presented.
- Cell or row selection
- Master-detail integration, capable of showing the detail view inside the master grid.
- Row grouping support.

PlatinumGrid is sold as a one year subscription, during which time the user receives all updates and fixes for free. This subscription is renewable at a discount. The grid is shipped with full source code, and includes a royalty-free deployment license.

For more information, visit the PlatinumGrid website at

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