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SQL Manager for Oracle v.1.1 released

by: EMS Software Development
April 17, 2007

A new version of SQL Manager for Oracle, a development tool for Oracle Database Server administration, has recently been released.<br/>

What's new in SQL Manager for Oracle version 1.1?

- Full support of External and Index-Organized tables.
- Invalid status objects are marked with a cross in DB Explorer tree now. Users are considered invalid if their account status is one of the following: EXPIRED, LOCKED, EXPIRED GRACE, EXPIRED TIMED.
- SQL Script.
Ability to execute selected statements and statement under cursor added.
DBMS output is displayed now.
Script is not loaded into memory anymore when executing a script from file.
- SQL Editor.
DBMS output is displayed now.
When switching between queries the cursor and scrolling bar position were not saved. Fixed now.
- XMLType is added to the list of available fields.
- Changing Metadata window. If any error occurs the cursor is now moved to a place which caused an error.
- When refreshing tablespaces on Oracle 9.2 an error used to occur. Fixed now.
- If table or view lists were not refreshed in DB Explorer, the first attempt to execute a query in SQL Editor could take a long time, especially if connection was slow or the server was overloaded. Fixed now.
- In some rare cases on opening the Code Completion window and typing symbols the window started to blink. Fixed now.
- When closing a report in some cases Access Violation errors used to occur. Fixed now.
- Some objects could be refreshed by a user with no SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE privilege. Fixed now.
- Visual Database Designer. When deleting foreign keys the confirmation dialog didnt appear. Fixed now.
- Database Registration. The database list always displayed databases from default home directory, irrespective of the selected home. Fixed now.
- When creating a tablespace on Oracle 8 or Oracle 9 the Minimum Extent Size parameter was ignored in some cases. Fixed now.
- Other small improvements and bugfixes.

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