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Managee. New web based Content Management System

by: Max Diakonenko
August 19, 2002

Managee version 1.0.0 beta 3 released on 14 August, 2002.

What is Managee?
The Managee is a comprehensive web based Content Management System (CMS). It is made to address the needs of web site owners quickly and effectively. Managee allows easily manage and update any kind of online content like articles, news, polls, comments, images, files, mp3s. It fits perfectly into any web site model, such as catalogues, directories, portals, news publications, and more. Automatic navigation generation and search engine friendly URLs for all pages. Built-in search also included. Your changes take effect immediately, making your site always fresh and up to date. Managee package offers quick and seamless implementation with no need for expensive software, or ongoing maintenance and dramatically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

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