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BadBlue PHP server adds instant MS Word publishing

by: Dave Minor
May 21, 2002

The new, free BadBlue version 1.7 is now available - - with some cool new features. BadBlue is a very small, personal web server for Windows that includes peer-to-peer file sharing and instant MS Office publishing features. BadBlue is definitely one of the easier ways to serve or test PHP pages - see for all the details.

New in BadBlue 1.7:

* When you share a Microsoft Word file, users can view it live in their browser window full formatted (images, tables and all text formatting is converted into HTML automatically) - see for easy instructions

* When you share Microsoft Office files, you can now prevent users from downloading copies of your files and force them to use the "live view" option only - they can only view the Word, Excel or Access data but can not download their own copy of it - see for instructions

* Faster web serving - if you use BadBlue to serve HTML, PHP, CGI, etc. and have turned off peer-to-peer sharing, you'll find BadBlue 1.7 runs all normal web serving functions faster - get a copy at

* Search results ordering bug fixed - after pressing the "Stop reloading" button, the prior order of search results is correctly remembered; just click on any search result column to sort in that column's order

Get BadBlue 1.7 here - - and read about its easy configuration for PHP -

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