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ImpAKT 2 tNG 2.4.0 released

by: Cristian Dorobantescu
April 9, 2003

InterAKT has released the 2.4.0 version of ImpAKT 2 tNG, a major bugfix release that corrects all the known major bugs discovered in the 2.2.0 version. The new release is available for the PHAkt2 and PHP_MySQL server models.

Notable bugfixes: --Correct a minor security problem in KTML2 - all users are asked to upgrade their live sites with the new version: *Correct other various bugs; *Improve file upload - make it work on virtual hosts and windows. --Improve the quotes escaping checks: *Escape " and \ in all entered values; *Correct the escape quotes bug in ImpAKT MySQL; *Remove slashes for all php.ini configuration in setColumnsValue method. --Speed improvements: *Prevent calling updateUI twice (check if we dont't call it in ickValue) TableColumns.js SBB. --Improve password triggers: *Correct some bugs in Crypt procedures; *Export new (unencrypted) password field in Update Password SB Trigger; *Export new password field in Update Password SB Trigger. --tNG improvements: *Correct Checkboxes; *Transform all $this references into $tNG in default triggers; *Allow Empty query to pass without triggering error in transaction (for custom empty transactions); *Add a small patch to tNGUtils to fulfill a NeXTensio 2 need. --Misc bugfixes: *Correct a bug related to default values fields in Insert tNG Command (generating " when not necessary); *Correct a bug in IsNumericCheckbox SBB class (NUMERIC is now NUMERIC_TYPE); *Change naming at Default Values.

Current customers can upgrade their version from the InterAKT Extranet. View more on ImpAKT2 tNG at

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