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BadBlue announces PHP support

by: Dave Minor
December 26, 2000

BadBlue is a tiny (about 60Kb), search-enabled web server that now supports PHP.

Looking for a way to learn, develop or deploy PHP apps with a no muss, no fuss web server? BadBlue is a free download available at and installs (literally) in seconds.

BadBlue ( today announced the availability of its significantly enhanced Personal Edition. The new software is a free download available at the BadBlue web site. Its major new capabilities include support for the PHP hypertext preprocessor, CGI (common gateway interface) and improved support for ISAPI application serving.

The BadBlue system transforms a client workstation into a powerful, search-enabled web server. BadBlue lets the user configure shared folders and files and other personal options using any standard web browser.

Because BadBlue's entire P2P user interface is written in HTML, it can be completely customized and tailored to its environment. One of the tiniest Windows-based web servers ever produced, the core BadBlue server requires approximately 60K of space and supports many advanced features including CGI, ISAPI, PHP and other web extensions. In addition, BadBlue can be configured to run as a Windows 9X or NT service for uninterrupted operation.

Free download at

Press release announcing PHP support

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