Welcome back to another installment of ICYMI! This week we saw:

PHP 6.0 is on the Horizon

Many things have been floating around with regards to PHP 6.0, and I'll do my best to tread lightly on this topic as it's obviously very far from being released, and there is much discussion yet to be had. The issues that are being discussed include the support for Unicode characters, the removal of PEAR and a few other issues mostly to address security concerns. Rasmus Lerdorf posted his wish list on the php internals development list with some pretty radical suggestions (at least as far as BC goes) - http://news.php.net/php.internals/17883. If you'd like to keep up with the development of PHP 6.0, you can visit http://news.php.net/php.internals.

Another XML-RPC Security Alert

There is another vulnerability with PEAR's XML-RPC (details can be seen at Secunia's site: http://secunia.com/advisories/16431/).You are encouraged to upgrade to version 1.4, which is available at http://pear.php.net/package/XML_RPC/download/. This version fixes this vulernability by removing the use of eval() and it also addresses a backward compatibility bug.

Alan Knowles' XUL HTML editor

Alan has blogged about a new XUL HTML editor he whipped up for the general public to use.You can download it directly from http://www.akbkhome.com/svn/XUL/HtmlEdit/ or you can read more about it (including detailed installation instructions) at his blog entry: http://www.akbkhome.com/blog.php/View/99/Remote_XUL_Html_Editor.html.

PEAR/PECL Releases

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't include what's new at PEAR and PECL. Recent PEAR releases include:

And for PECL, we had:

As always, you can download or learn more about these packages at http://pear.php.net/ and http://pecl.php.net/.

See you next week with more news and tidbits from the PHP world!