Welcome back to another installment of ICYMI! This week we saw:

Try Your Hand at Social Apps with Ning

Ning has been released (courtesy of Marc Andreessen and company), which allows collaborative development of socially oriented apps like Flickr and del.icio.us-- apps that allow you to interact and communicate with other people on some level. The great thing about Ning (besides that it's only available in PHP right now, woot!) is that it's free and open to use for your own group and for your own interests. So check it out when you have the time: http://www.ning.com and start something new.

PEAR 1.4.2 Released

This is but a minor bugfix release, but worthy of your attention all the same. For a changelog and to download, go to http://pear.php.net/package/PEAR/download/.

Derick Rethans Shares his Articles

On his blog, Derick Rethans has generously posted 2 of his previously published articles from php|architect, in the form of PDF files for us to read. Specifically, he has posted his Xdebug article (from September 2004) and his article on references in PHP (from June 2005). You can check these out for yourself at http://www.derickrethans.nl/. Thanks, Derick!

osCommerce SQL Injection Alert

Secunia has announced a security alert with osCommerce, that has yet been unpatched. If you're running this software, you'll need to manually patch it yourself, by santizing the input regarding additional products images. More info can be found at Secunia's security advisory: http://secunia.com/advisories/17082/

Get a Shirt, Be Famous and Maybe Win an iPod Nano

Zend is selling "PHP 10th Anniversary" t-shirts at their site: http://zend.com/php10anniversary/t-shirt.php. Get yours today, put it on, then get your buddy to take your picture (or stand in front of a mirror if you're socially inept and have no friends). Send it in to Zend and not only will they include it in their upcoming conference's PHP Anniversary Party slide show, they'll put your name in the hat for a free iPod Nano.

AFUP PHP Forum in Paris

Join the ranks of Rasmus Lerdorf and Wez Furlong by attending the French AFUP association November 9 and 10 in Paris, where you'll learn about the latest techniques and issues facing PHP developers today. For more information, go to http://www.afup.org/.

PEAR/PECL Releases

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't include what's new at PEAR and PECL. Recent PEAR releases include:

And for PECL, we had:

As always, you can download or learn more about these packages at http://pear.php.net/ and http://pecl.php.net/.

See you next week with more news and tidbits from the PHP world!