web.framework version 0.8.5 for PHP 5 has been released. This release includes new features, including:
- token – you can now check for reload/resend form by user
- authorization frame – you can now integrate your authorization classes/functions with web.framework and configuration file
- driver for Smarty templates system
- new testers for validators

With this release, web.framework provides:
- action and action-chains
- call to another actions/action-chains from action-chain
- pre- and post- actions with exceptions (i.e. you can exclude some actions/action-chains from pre- or post- actions)
- validators for simple check forms
- support for DB configuration in framework configuration
- support for template systems (by default drivers for web.template and Smarty)
- router – for simple support for nice URL and generate proper URL addresses
- token
- authorization frame
Feel free to download the framework, test it and submit any bugs and feature requests.