NuSphere Corporation today announced UltraSQL 1.0.5. The application provides a native Windows port of PostgreSQL database. Free beta version of UltraSQL is available for immediate download from

Users can now benefit from such advantages of PostgreSQL as unmatched reliability and stability, extreme responsiveness in high volume environments, a lot of SQL functions, server-side procedural languages, sophisticated methods for data manipulation, object-relational capabilities, using of geometric data types in Windows environment!

Main UltraSQL 1.0.5 features include:
- ANSI SQL compliant
- Referential Integrity
- Replication (non-commercial and commercial solutions) allowing the duplication of the master database to multiple slave machines
- Native interfaces for ODBC, C, C++, PHP
- Rules, views and triggers
- Sequences
- Inheritance
- Outer Joins
- Sub-selects
- An open API
- Stored Procedures
- Procedural languages
- Functional and Partial indexes
- Support for UNION, UNION ALL and EXCEPT queries
- Loadable extensions offering MD5 and other functionality.
The product is available now in beta version for free. To download UltraSQL 1.0.5 please visit