Users can now benefit from numerous PostgreSQL advantages in Windows environment! Unmatched reliability and stability, quick responsiveness in high volume environments, various SQL functions, server-side procedural languages, sophisticated methods for data manipulation, object-relational capabilities, use of geometric data types are in the way with UltraSQL from NuSphere.

Main UltraSQL 1.0.6 features include:
- ANSI SQL compliant
- Referential Integrity
- Native interfaces for ODBC, C, C++, PHP
- Rules, views and triggers
- Sequences
- Outer Joins
- Sub-selects
- An open API
- Stored Procedures
- Procedural languages
- Functional and Partial indexes
- Support for UNION, UNION ALL and EXCEPT queries
- Loadable extensions offering MD5 and other functionality
- Support for international code pages.

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