EngInSite Editor for PHP is a powerful IDE for PHP™.

Let's look at its features:
- Manage projects with ease via an interface that is much like the well-known Microsoft Visual Studio or Delphi.
- Define your own color schemes for unlimited ways of displaying your code.
- Unlike most IDEs, EngInSite Editor for PHP wraps around already-existing projects and allows you to use different PHP distributions.
- Get down to writing code quickly with our project templates.
- Our Code Navigator makes viewing your project a breeze. Debug via an easy, intuitive interface.
- You don't have to spend valuable time on configuring your environment - EngInSite Editor for PHP does it all for you.
- Customize the Editor's user interface any way you like.
- Our PHP Editor is HTML-aware -- use the built-in Tag Editor to work with HTML tags and attributes

Please vist our site http://www.enginsite.com/php-editor.htm