Version: 0.9

Type: Full Script

Category: Graphics

License: GNU General Public License

Description: A command line php script to return size & type of given image file(s). Works with file globbing. NOTE: NOT tested on Windows. GD is NOT needed. 1. copy the source into a file (i call it "fs") 2. make it executable 3. move it into your ~/bin directory I have found this script useful for getting sizes of a group of images when doin g web stuff.

#!/usr/bin/php -q

        'BMP','TIFF(intel byte order)',
        'TIFF(motorola byte order)',





        if( !$f || in_array($f, array('--help', '-help', '-h', '-?')) ){
                // show help msg
                echo "Get size of image\n";
                echo "Usage: $PHP_SELF [image]\n\n";
                //dont process if not a file
                echo "\"$f\" not a file\n";

                        echo "$name not handled";
                        echo "$name {$dim[0]}x{$dim[1]} {$image_types[$dim[2]]}";