This script uses explode() and implode() to separate and combine elements for arrays.

About the searching of words you could always use and sql statement to search for a word/phrase and later use explode() and implode() to parse and format words in the result text.


$letters = \"a b c\";
$letters = explode(\" \",$letters);

the result of the commands above would be an array named $letters[i] >>

$letters[0] = a
$letters[1]= b
$letters[2]= c

Implode() works in a similar way...

implode(separator, $variable-array);

$letters = implode(\" \", $letters);
echo \"letters = \".$letters;

REMEMBER that $letters is already an array because of the explode() function.

the result of the command above is:

letters = a b c

here\'s the script...

//use this script to format the keyword(s) in your search

//per word
$quote = \"a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog\";
$explode = explode(\" \", $quote);
$count = count($explode);
echo \"$count = number of words
\"; echo \"$explode[3] = explode elem #3
\"; $bold_txt = \"jumpeD\"; for($i=0; $i<=($count-1); $i++){ if (strtoupper($explode[$i]) == strtoupper($bold_txt)) { $explode[$i] = \" \".$explode[$i].\" \"; } } $implode = implode(\" \", $explode); echo \"implode = $implode

\"; //per phrase $phrase = \"quick brown + lazy dog\";//search term $phrase2 = str_replace(\"+\", \" \", $phrase); $explode_phrase = explode(\" \", $phrase2);//separate by array $count3 = count($explode_phrase);//count number of elements in an array $quote2 = \"a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog\"; $explode2 = explode(\" \",$quote2); $count2 = count($explode2); for ($a=0;$a<=($count2-1);$a++) { for ($c=0;$c<=($count3-1);$c++) { //first elem of $explode_phrase_words to a matching word on the $quote2 text if(strtoupper($explode_phrase[$c]) == strtoupper($explode2[$a])){ $explode2[$a] = \" \".$explode2[$a].\" \"; } } } echo \"searterm : $phrase
\"; $implode2 = implode(\" \", $explode2); echo \"implode = $implode2

\"; echo \"ksm2004\"; ?>