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HTML Highlighting Function

by: Nicholas Sack
July 15, 2004

Version: 1.0

Type: Function

Category: Other

License: GNU General Public License

Description: This function uses regular expressions to take HTML input and output it as easy-to-read syntax highlighted code.


function highlight_html($code)
    $code = htmlentities($code);
    $code = preg_replace("/([a-zA-Z_]+)=/", "<font color=\"#FF0000\">$1=</font>", $code);
    $code = preg_replace("/(&lt;[\/a-zA-Z0-9&;]+)/", "<font color=\"#0000FF\">$1</font>", $code);
    $code = str_replace("&lt;!--", "<font color=\"#008080\">&lt;!--", $code);
    $code = str_replace("--&gt;", "--&gt;</font>", $code);
    $code = preg_replace("/[\r\n]+/", "\n", $code);
    return $code;


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