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TagIt! Tagboard v2.1.B Build 2

by: Paul Schudar
September 3, 2005

Version: 2.1.B Build 2

Type: Full Script

Category: BBS/Discussion

License: GNU General Public License

Description: PHP4+ and 1 MySQL DB required Customizable via .css ( cascading style sheet ) Customizable Tags - Font, Color, Bold, Italic, Underlined, Marquee*, Strike Through, blinking* (* not in all browsers ) and URLS! IP Banning - You can now ban abusive users by their IP. It won't stop them all but it will annoy them! Swear Filter! - You can decide which words aren't allowed to be seen on your board. You may also turn this option off Page Seperation - Show as many or as few tags per page as you like. Flood Control - Prevent users from posting more than once in a time period you specify! Board Admins - Have as many, or as few admins as you wish. Board Admin Protection - An admins name MAY NOT be used unless said admin is logged in. Tag Deletion - Users of your new TagIt! Tagboard may now delete their own ( and only their own! ) messages! Max Characters - You can now easily change how many ascii characters can be entered per post! SearchIt! Tags - NEW - TagIt's own search feature. Keyword highlighting is built in. Smileys - 185+ Unique smilies included - Many more can be added very easily! Powerful Control Center The support website and a demo of TagIt! v2.1.B is located here: [ ]

This script is in .zip format, so can't be uploaded here. Check it out:

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