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Nitobi ComboBox V3

by: Joanne Chan
September 26, 2006

Version: 3

Type: Full Script

Category: Algorithms

License: Other

Description: An AJAX based JavaScript autocompletion control with extensive cross browser and cross platform compatibility. V3 offers six unique search behaviours including 'fuzzy' substring searching, and a robust cross-browser DHTML rendering engine.

An AJAX based JavaScript autocompletion control with extensive cross browser and cross platform compatibility. Building on recent user-interface innovations found in Google, Gmail, and Mozilla applications, V3 provides six unique data search and entry modes, including 'fuzzy' substring searching. Compatible with 99% of internet users through IE and Gecko (Firefox, Mozilla) engine enhancements. Section 508 Compliant. ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, and ASP.

# Full Gecko compatibility:

    * FireFox 1.0+ compatibility (Full).
    * Netscape 7+ compatibility (Full).
    * Mozilla 1.7+ compatibility (Full).
    * Camino 0.8+ compatibility (Full).

# Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2+ compatibility (MSXML2).
# List clipping - Autosizing drop-down based on returned dataset size.
# No-JavaScript graceful failure.
# Rendering model upgraded:

    * Renders correctly embedded in complex <table>, <div>, and <span> structures.
    * Renders correctly in both absolutely and relatively positioned elements.
    * Renders correctly above and inside iFrames.
    * Renders correctly over HTML listboxes.
    * Unnaffected by flow-of-text issues.

# New and upgraded client-side events:

    * OnAfterInitialize() - Fires when the ComboBox first initializes.
    * OnShowEvent() & OnHideEvent() - Fire when the dropdown appears and disappears.
    * OnBeforeSearchEvent() & OnAfterSearchEvent() - Fire before and after remote data searching occur.
    * OnBeforeSelectEvent() & OnSelectEvent() - Fire before and after a selection is made from the dataset.
    * OnEditKeyUpEvent() - Fire when keys are pressed in the edit area.
    * OnFocusEvent() & OnBlurEvent() - Fire when the control receives and loses focus. Useful for validation.
    * OnTabEvent() - Fires when the user tabs out of the control.

# Improved keyboard and mouse navigation:

    * More intuitive arrow-key navigation.
    * PageUp and PageDown support.
    * Mousewheel behaviour improved

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