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Image Processor 6.2

by: Yuriy Horobey
September 20, 2004

Version: 6.2

Type: Class

Category: Graphics

License: Other

Description: With this script you can easily upload your image, resize it to fit into your design, add watermark or write text to protect your author rights and prevent images theft, you can save several copies on your server like small gray scale copy (thumbnail) and big copy (full size). You can combine multiple operations like rotate or crop to achieve really sophisticated effects.<hr>Features list:</strong></p> </div> <ol> <li> <div align="justify"><strong>Image creation:</strong></div> <ol> <li>Create image from<strong> file</strong>, types supported:(GIF, JPEG, PNG, XBM, WBMP)</li> <li>Create image from <strong>uploaded file</strong>, just specify what is name of file field in your form! [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_upload.php" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] </li> <li>Create image from <strong>data stream (string)</strong>, useful if creating image from the Database [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_mysql_show.html" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;]</li> <li>Create image from <strong>base64</strong> encoded data stream. [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_createfromstring64.php" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;]</li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Image manipulation: </strong> <ol> <li><strong>Resize</strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_resize_form.html" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li>Resize to fit into given region, keeping X to Y ratio</li> <li>Resize to cover given region, keeping X to Y ratio</li> <li>Resize to given width/height not keeping X to Y ratio <font size="-1">(if you do not care about geometrical distortions)</font></li> <li>Resize image in such a way that result image will have given width, no matter what height could be, keeping X to Y ratio</li> <li>Resize image in such a way that result image will have given height, no matter what width could be, keeping X to Y ratio</li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Rotate</strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_rotate_form.html" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li>You can easily specify what should be <strong>background</strong> of result image. Color names like &quot;yellow&quot;, &quot;blue&quot; and all others are accepted. Or just specify RRGGBB just like in HTML</li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Crop</strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_crop_form.html" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li>Specify left top corner of rectangular region and width/height and this function will return cropped image.</li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Text</strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_text_form.html" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li>Write text over the image, </li> <li><strong>HTML style colors</strong> supported. (you can specify color as &quot;DCDCDC&quot; or &quot;gainsboro&quot; )</li> <li>Built in and custom bitmap fonts are supported.</li> <li><strong>True Type</strong> fonts (TTF) are supported (requires Free Type library)</li> <li>Write in different directions (TTF only)</li> <li>Write in <strong>different sizes</strong> (TTF only)</li> <li>Easy to do different effects like <strong>shadow</strong> or <strong>highlight</strong></li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Watermark</strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_watermark_form.html" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li><strong>Resize</strong> watermark image before apply</li> <li>Make watermark image <strong>gray scale</strong></li> <li><strong>Specify transparency</strong> for the watermark</li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Gray scale</strong><strong></strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_gray_scale.php" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li>Convert image to grayscale (256 grades)</li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Shadow</strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_shadow_form.html" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li>Makes nice semitransparent shadow</li> <li>Fills uncovered regions with specified color</li> </ol> </li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Multiple operations support</strong> [&nbsp;<a href="demo/test_mult.php" target="_blank">demo</a>&nbsp;] <ol> <li>You can change image in some way, then remember changes, then apply another change, save, and so on. After you are ready you can output the result image. Using this feature you can produce very sophisticated effects.<br> </li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Image output </strong> <ol> <li>You can output image <strong>to file</strong>, ( JPEG, PNG, XBM, WBMP) Note: GIF is copyrighted and is not yet fully supported in PHP/GD</li> <li>Output image <strong>directly to browser</strong>, useful to create and process image &quot;on fly&quot; from within &lt;img src=&quot;yuorscript_using_ss_image.php?parameters=here&quot;&gt; tag

Please follow this link to see demo:

<a href="http:/">http:/</a>

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