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by: Shaun Sandy
October 8, 2001

Version: 1.1

Type: Full Script

Category: Calendars/Dates

License: WebSite Only

Description: Put todays date and/or time on your web site with this easy to configure and install script.


// Version 1.1   08 October 2001
// Free to use, modify and copy. 

// To adjust the format of the date, see the list of variables at the
// official PHP site (
// If your local time is *behind* the server time, then change the "+" to
// a "-" in the $melbdate line
// Keep in mind that you'll have to update the $hourdiff variable within the
// script when your *local* daylight saving time/standard time changes, if
// it is a different setting to the server daylight saving/standard time

// Variable for hours

$hourdiff = "14"; // hours difference between server time and local time

// If you don't know how many hours, then "uncomment" the three lines
// below by deleting "// " to see what the server time is (remember to
// put the comments "// " back when you've finished checking:

// $serverdate = date("l, d F Y h:i a");
// print ("$serverdate");
// print (" &nbsp; <p>");

// Nothing needs to be changed below here unless you want to change
// the format of the date (see above for URL of options) or your local
// time is behind the server time

$timeadjust = ($hourdiff * 60 * 60);

$melbdate = date("l, d F Y h:i a",time() + $timeadjust);

print ("$melbdate");


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