PHPBuilder - BCGCD Greatest Common Denominator (Large Numbers)

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BCGCD Greatest Common Denominator (Large Numbers)

by: Sergiu FUNIERU
September 21, 2006

Version: 1.0

Type: Function

Category: Math Functions

License: GNU General Public License

Description: The Greatest Common Denominator of two large numbers, using BCMath functions. Please read the PHP manual for BCMath requirements. It works even for those who cannot have GMP support in their PHP distribution, for instance due to the web host policy. You can see a demo here:

// You can see a demo here:
// License: free to do whatever you want with the code
// even using it
function bcgcd ($value1, $value2) {
	if ($value1 < $value2)
	// Swap $value1 and $value2
		$temp = $value1;
		$value1 = $value2;
		$value2 = $temp;

	// We use the Euclid's algorithm
	// for finding the Greatest Common Denominator (GCD)
	$mod = 1;
	while ($mod != 0)
		$mod = bcmod ($value1, $value2);
		$value1 = $value2;
		$value2 = $mod;
	return $value1;


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