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faking real vhosts

by: Nico Gawenda
June 4, 2002

put this at the very beginning of your php
this powerful hack implies to have *.yourdomain actually pointing to it.
first check for some vhost. this can be done much better, but this is easier to understand :-)
if (isset($HTTP_HOST) && strpos($HTTP_HOST,'')>0 && strpos($HTTP_HOST,'')===false ){
	// extract vhost, again put your regexp here ;)
	$vhost = substr($HTTP_HOST,0,strpos($HTTP_HOST,'.'));
	// redirect whereever you want... you could also look for an id with username=$vhost in a database,
	// and redirect to something like /index.php?show_user=$id

just my 2cents, i hope it helps :)

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